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Our next event  entitled,

Love, ecstasy and the pursuit of happiness.

 is on
Sunday 30th March 2014
at the
Drama Studio, Institute of Education, University of London

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If you missed it last time, you’re in with another chance to join Dr. Bijan RIazi-Farzad as he takes you through a journey involving monks, rockets, tennis balls, Pac Man, spider’s webs and personal stories, weaving them together as he proposes what he calls a “Unified Love Theory”.

Love is probably the most familiar word that we hear. We hear about it all the time, but, what do you think love isThis event is on Mother’s Day and we all love our mums, don’t we? But what do (if anything) ‘loving our mum’, ‘loving our job’ and ‘being in love’ have in common? Is love one thing or lots of different things called by the same name?

Is it something that just happens to us or do we have control over it? Is there a relationship between love and happiness?

There will be stories, discussions and practical exercises to help us explore and to think about love, to experience love and to appreciate our own power to induce love.

You might be wondering what ecstasy has to do with it. Well, you’ll need to turn up to find out.

For those who are not staff or students at the Institute of Education,
Tickets are £10 and £5 from the sale of every ticket will be donated to the children’s charity, 
Kids Company (

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